82 Nights - an art book project

I had my second baby in July of 2014, and I was worried that I wouldn't have any more time to draw for a long while. For a little bit it was almost impossible to make the time, but I was determined. I decided to draw a small inked illustration each day starting in October. The best time to work was in the short period of time after I put the kids to bed but before I fell asleep myself. 

The images started simple, but soon, they evolved into something more intricate. The further I got in the sketchbook, the more I wanted to fill every single page with a lovely image. Somehow, the whole 82 page book got filled up. I’ve decided to publish them as a little book, so I could share them with people who’ve helped encourage me. Here are some of the pages from the book, 82 Nights.

82 Nights Book
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