Forest Spirit Process

In painting the Forest Spirit I started from the original drawing I made during my 82 Nights project and transferred it to a larger paper. I have really enjoyed painting these in a larger size; it is such a good change of pace to work in color again after so long with just line drawings.

Totoro Painting process

I created this image for a Hayao Miyazaki themed gallery show hosted in LA by 3tArts.  It was painted on Fabriano paper with Ink and Watercolors.  Approximate image size 6x10 inches, in a 12x14 inch frame.

Butterfly Process

The process for Butterfly with a Thousand Eyes was a fun and rewarding painting. I am happy to share some of the steps along the way:


Selkie Process

I wanted to share some process from my painting Selkie. I am happy to be able to include this piece in my Kickstarter!